Welcome to the GC Digital Research Bootcamp

Four Days of Hands-On Workshops Using Digital Research Methods

January 19-22, 2016

The Graduate Center, CUNY

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Inviting CUNY Students and Faculty of All Skill Levels and Disciplines

GC Digital Initiatives invites applicants for the inaugural Digital Research Bootcamp, an opportunity to develop digital research skills and connect with others in an interdisciplinary environment. The GC Digital Research Bootcamp is a four day workshop where you will learn how to use a range of digital tools and methods for doing research. There are multiple tracks targeted at different skillsets and disciplinary focuses.

Free of charge to participants, the GC Digital Research Bootcamp has been developed in partnership with Software Carpentry, the New York Public Library, Mozilla Science Lab, Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching, and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute thanks to the sponsorship of GCDI, The Graduate Center, and The CUNY Strategic Investment Initiatives Program.

The GC Digital Research Bootcamp will take place over four days, January 19-22, 2016, from 9:30-6:00 daily. A preliminary list of workshop topics to expect can be found below. Continue to watch this site during December and January for additional information regarding instructors, a workshop schedule, and more.

Applications require only a short statement of interest, and will be considered on a rolling basis. We advise applicants to apply early to secure a spot. Please direct questions and inquiries to gc.digitalfellows@gmail.com.


Command Line

Complete complex tasks with just a few keystrokes.



Simplify collaboration using version control systems.



Use Python for everything from data analysis to building websites.


Data Cleaning

Build a robust dataset using data cleaning best practices.


Data Formats

Apply data best practices to complex data.


Twitter API

Efficiently sift through enourmous amounts of twitter data using an API. .


Scientific Python

Summarize and analyze data using scientific computing libraries.


HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Share your research using web development fundamentals.


Data Visualization

Generate visualizations to uncover the story the data is telling.


Text Analysis with NLTK

Process, analyze, and summarize textual data using NLTK


Digital Identity with Wordpress

Gain some control over how people encounter research on the web.



Analyze spatial information and out data on the map.


Machine Learning

Explore the structure of data using machine learning algorithms.


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