GC Digital Research Institute

A Week-Long Course on Digital Research Methods and Praxis

June 6-10, 2016

The Graduate Center, CUNY

Hosted by the GC Digital Fellows

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What is the GC Digital Research Institute?

Hosted by the GC Digital Fellows and part of the GC Digital Initiatives, the GC Digital Research Institute (GC DRI) is a week-long intensive training course where participants learn core digital research skills while connecting with peers in an interdisciplinary environment.

Building on the success of the inaugural GC Digital Research Bootcamp, which took place in January 2016, GC DRI combines training in areas such as the command line, git, Python, and databases, with more specialized short workshops and professional development sessions. Participants will come together to share their own research goals, collaborate on a shared project, and present what they have learned in a casual but challenging setting.

Free of charge to participants and open to all members of the CUNY community, the GC DRI is developed in partnership with Software Carpentry, the New York Public Library, Mozilla Science Lab, Humanities Intensive Learning and Teaching, and the Digital Humanities Summer Institute.

The GC DRI is sponsored by the GC Digital Initiatives, The Graduate Center, and The CUNY Strategic Investment Initiatives Program.

Reasons to Participate

Build Community

Engage with researchers who are passionate about using digital tools to enhance their work.

Share Ideas

Inspire peers with your work, be inspired by their work, and share work through digital and professional tools.

Learn New Skills

Develop digital research skills through workshops, discussions, and planned events.

Hands-On Collaboration

Cultivate skills in small groups through activities and by building a digital project from idea to prototype.

Digital Research Methods

Learn new methods of automating tasks, analyzing data, streamlining workflow, and sharing ideas.

Professional Development

Evolve as a productive and generative researcher through digital platforms and colloborative sessions.

Want to Learn More?

January 2016 Digital Research Bootcamp

Still not sure if this is right for you? Read about the Digital Research Bootcamp that took place in January 2016, review the list of past workshops, read about participant experiences on the Digital Fellows blog, and peruse the real time #gcdrb twitter stream.

We received fantastic feedback from community members who took part in our January bootcamp, and have been working diligently to incorporate these suggestions into the structure and content of the Digital Research Institute.

Ready to get started? Apply Now!

Applications are due before 11:59pm EST, April 22, 2016. We will notify applicants about the status of applications in early May.

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